OERC is building an open digital library which allows discovery of cancer educational materials, contributed by the world wide community of clinical and basic cancer professionals.

In this perspective, OERC.MERLOT.ORG was launched in July, 2009, via a relationship with MERLOT. MERLOT is the acronym for Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching MERLOT of the California State University System.

OERC.MERLOT.ORG provides free access and easy discovery of an online collection of donor contributed, categorized cancer learning materials (e.g: lectures, clinical guides,course curricula, videos, research summaries, etc…).

This initial phase of the project will permit immediate worldwide access to cancer educational materials. The Creative Commons(C) policy will serve as the guide to intellectual property matters.

Contributing partners are currently being identified and encouraged to submit cancer educational materials. We urge all cancer educators to join the OERC cancer community and contribute to the professional network of open educational resources. The process is free and easy. The OERC website provides a simple step by step guidance on becoming a contributing member of the OERC community: how to contribute.

For more information: gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni#gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni

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