Palliative Access training course in India

“A future champion of pediatric palliative care in Ethiopia”

Dr. Damte Shimelis, Professor of Pediatric Nephrology at Tikur Ambessa Hospital, Addis Ababa, and a member of the Steering Committee for the INCTR Pediatric Oncology Program in Ethiopia, successfully completed a basic palliative care training course at the INCTR Palliative Access (PAX) Programme, in Hyderabad, India this March. According to Dr. Palat, Director of the program, “Dr. Damte was exceptional. He has all the potential to be the champion of pediatric palliative care in Ethiopia.” Dr. Damte has also been accepted with a full scholarship to the Pain Masters Course in Palliative Care to be held in Minnesota, USA in June 2012.


1st: Dr. Damte succcessfully competed one month training in palliative medicine. 2nd: Dr. Damte undergoing training in palliative care

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