Palliative Care Handbook Donated To University Of Zimbabwe

In June 2013, INCTR donated 100 of its Palliative Care Handbooks to the University of Zimbabwe's Clinical Research Center which is collaborating with Island Hospice Services and the University of Colarado in Denver in a study designed to assess "Strategies to improve Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) outcomes in Zimbabwe," which includes education of primary health care workers from 4 urban and 4 rural sites in the early recognition of KS, the principles of clinical care integrated with palliative care (at present most patients have advanced disease) as well as the treatment of HIV-associated KS. TNT generously shipped the handbooks without charge. The pictures show a teaching session (20 nurses and a district medical officer are being trained) and a poster used at these sessions (courtesy of the project coordinator, Francis Jaji). Click on each picture to see an enlarged view. Click here to see the letter of thanks received from the principal investigator, Margaret Borok. Letter of Thanks

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