Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO)

In July 2005, INCTR sponsored the First International Conference on Pediatric Oncology in Karachi, Pakistan. It was during this meeting, which was well attended by pediatric oncologists from Pakistan and abroad, that the need to form a national pediatric oncology society was recognized, and the Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO) established. In November 2009, PSPO was officially registered as a fully functional entity. Dr Shamvil Ashraf, an active member of the INCTR Pediatric Oncology Strategy Group will be the first president of the Society. PSPO goals include the establishment of a cooperative study group, a national childhood cancer registry and a training program in pediatric oncology.


Group of Pakistani Pediatric Oncologists who initially discussed the concept
of PSPO at the INCTR sponsored meeting organized in 2005 in Karachi, Pakistan

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