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Network - INCTR's Magazine

The INCTR newsletter has now been made into a magazine, although it retains its name "Network" and it continues to be published in print and on INCTR's website. All back issues are available in pdf format, and the current issue is also circulated by email as a pdf file to those who have requested it in this format (some 3000 people). Although it contains a broad range of materials relevant to cancer in low and middle income countries, the news content of NETWORK has been reduced since selected events are now described in more detail in the upgraded Newsflash.


INCTR's NewsFlash provides reports on events taking place throughout the network on a monthly basis. Each article consists of the first few sentences of a more detailed article on the particular event, which is available via INCTR's News Wiki site ( The NewsFlash is sent by email to almost 6000 people.

INCTR's Web Site

INCTR's web site was upgraded in 2010. The site was given a more modern design and was re¬organized to make navigation easier for site users. New sections were added to the web site such as Media Center and Resources which contain a wealth of information and useful links for site users. Helping INCTR was expanded to offer donors and sponsors more suggestions about ways in which they can support INCTR programs and activities.

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