Report 2010 Cancer Registration Program

Cancer Registration Program

Since 2009, INCTR has been supporting two registries in East Africa - one in Kampala, Uganda and the other in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2010, INCTR decided to initiate a formal Cancer Registration Program, under the leadership of Dr. D. Maxwell Parkin.

The initial focus of the program has been to improve the effectiveness of cancer surveillance in East Africa.

Activities and Accomplishments
Site visits were made to the Kampala Cancer Registry (KCR) which is a population-based cancer registry and to the Nairobi Cancer Registry in June 2010. The purpose of the visits was to evaluate progress made during 2009 following the provision of funds to improve cancer registry data collection. The KCR continues to collect data on patients with cancer residing in Kyadondo County Uganda. Data was collected from all of the major hospitals in the county. Cancer registrars traveled regularly to these hospitals to collect data from the records' clerks in various units of these hospitals. From the evaluation done, 858 cases of cancer were registered. The Nairobi Cancer Registry was re-structured such that its main aim would be to register only cancer cases among Nairobi residents whereas in the past it had aimed to collect data for the population of the entire Nairobi Province, which proved to be a difficult task given the lack of resources. Data from hospitals - both governmental and private, oncology centers, including diagnostic and treatment centers, death certificates and hospices contribute to the registry. There is only one hospital that will not work in collaboration with the registry. Although there is a back log of data entry to be performed, it is anticipated that with more resources available during 2011 that the registry data will be up-to-date.

The cancer registry of Rwanda is a new project that began in 2010. The initiative to restart cancer registration in this country came from the partnership of local researchers and a team from Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA.

In order to improve cancer registration, an East African Registry Network (EARN) has been formed. The members are the registries of Nairobi (Kenya), Blantyre (Malawi), Kigali (Rwanda), Kampala (Uganda) and Harare (Zimbabwe).

A project grant entitled, "Enhancing Cancer Registration in East Africa" was obtained from the Doris Duke Cancer Foundation in December, 2010 with the project work scheduled to begin on January 1, 2011.

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