Report 2010 Funding - Sponsorships, Donations and Grants

The NCI, Bethesda, MD, USA continues to assist INCTR to achieve its goals by providing financial, technical and intellectual support. In addition, NCI provides salaries, benefits, and travel costs for Melissa Adde and Dr Ian Magrath to enable them to perform the work of INCTR. The Office of HIVIAIDS Malignancy (OHAM) provides support for the African BL study through a task order.

INCTR continues to receive financial support from corporate sponsors such as sanofi-aventis and Roche through membership fees. Associate members also provided additional funds to INCTR.

In 2010, INCTR received support from Open Society Institute and the Jiv Daya Foundation - the former for palliative care and the latter to support the on-going efforts in pediatric oncology at ORCI.

The INCTR Challenge Fund (UK) raised funds to support the African BL project and to support initiatives in palliative care in Nepal. INCTR UK applied for a grant from Elsevier to enable INCTR UK to further develop its evidence-base project with INCTR Egypt.

INCTR USA received a grant from the Doris Duke Cancer Foundation to support INCTR's Cancer Registration Program.
INCTR Brazil raised funds to support the translation of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook into Portuguese.

INCTR Canada was able to raise funds for palliative care initiatives in Brazil

NNCTR/INCTR Nepal raised funds for local projects and received an in-kind donation of the Gardasil vaccine against HPV which was estimated to have a commercial value of over 1 million USD.

AMCC raised funds to support various AMCC educational projects and obtained valuable financial support for AMCC's role in the INCTR Pathology Program, largely being carried out in sub-Saharan Africa.

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