Sanofi Espoir Foundation Wins Two Awards

Sanofi Espoir Foundation has won two awards within weeks of each other. The CSR Trophy for social commitment was awarded for the Foundation's 9-year commitment in the fight against childhood cancer through its "My Child Matters" program [(click here for website)], and the Grand Oscar in corporate philanthropy from the ADMICAL, which recognizes outstanding, innovative and creative efforts in corporate philanthropy [(click here for website)]. Sanofi Espoir has dedicated the awards to "all our partners, wherever they may be, with whom we are working to reduce health inequalities, and also to the world’s most defenseless communities that form the core target of our programs."

INCTR is proud to have been a part of this program since its inception, participating in grant reviews and program mentoring and congratulates Sanofi Espoir Foundation on winning the awards and for the fine example it has set.

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