Selected Items from the OERC Collection – May-June 2010

INCTR Members and colleagues are invited to explore and to utilize the education modules posted on this site. We welcome suggestions and comments.

1) “Coping with Cancer: Symptom Management and Palliative Care”, Cathy Swift of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA, December, 2008 (text material).

This is a comprehensive review of issues in palliative care taken from NCI PDQ sources. This educational module has the option for the user to select sections written for either patients or health care professionals. It focuses on the management of side effects and complications caused by cancer and its treatment, such as fatigue, pain, drug side effects, nutritional and emotional concerns as well as end-of-life issues. It provides valuable information for caregivers and families. This module can serve as an excellent resource for the preparation of lectures, papers or educational courses on palliative care and is well referenced.

2) “Breast Cancer and Environment Chemicals: Why is there concern?”, Suzanne Snedeker, Cornell University, 2009 (power point lecture/video).

This educational module provides a detailed exploration of the role of environmental carcinogen exposure in the genesis of breast cancer in man and animals. It clearly describes the evolution of breast cancer from normal to malignant ductal profilferation and review the evidence supporting a causative role for environmental chemicals in this process. The 34 slide set is an excellent source for independent study and, with the author’s permission, could be used for the preparation of didactic materials for students and professionals.

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