The First Julet Bordet Award Ceremony Held on October 12th

The first Jules Bordet Award ceremony, organized by Les Amis des Instituts Pasteur à Bruxelles (AIPB), was held at the Domaine Latour de Freins in Brussels on October 12th, 2012. Professor Geert van Loo from Ghent University received this award for his outstanding research on innate immunity and autoimmune diseases. The Jules Bordet biennial prize of €10,000 was created by AIPB to reward original scientific research in microbiology, immunology and vaccine development to researchers or groups of researchers who conduct their work within Belgium or within the Institut Pasteur International Network.

Professor van Loo, from the University of Ghent’s Laboratory of Molecular and Biomedical Research gave a lecture entitled, “The Study of Inflammatory Disease Pathology through Mouse Gene Targeting”. He was introduced by Professor Jean Content, former Director of the Pasteur Institute of Brussels, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology, Free University of Brussels, and one of INCTR’s Vice Presidents, who was instrumental in arranging for the INCTR to be located at the former Institut Pasteur, Brussels.

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