Who Comprehensive Guidelines For Cervical Cancer

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 01 Jan 2015 16:11


WHO has just published a new edition of its guidelines relating to cervical cancer in the second edition of "Comprehensive cervical cancer control: a guide to essential practice (C4GEP)" to which INCTR contributed. In particular, it outlines the complementary strategies for cervical cancer prevention and treatment, and the need for collaboration across programmes, organizations and partners. This new guide updates the 2006 edition and includes the recent promising developments in technologies and strategies, e.g., the potential role of HPV testiing iin early detection as well as HPV vaccination to prevent the disease. It also addresses aappraches to filling the gaps between the needs for and availability of services for cervical cancer prevention and control.. For more information []

Year End Campaign for African Children with Burkitt Lymphoma

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 01 Jan 2015 15:15


INCTR entered the Global Giving's Year End campaign in an attempt to reach its target of $50,000 - the funding is used to support its project relating to the treatment of Burkitt lymphoma in Africa. As with last year, we reached and passed the GG target with respect to both funds raised ($3,000) and the number of individual donors (30). In fact, in December we received almost $10,000, leaving less than $5,000 required to reach the project targtet of $50,000 and qualifying INCTR to receive an extra $1000 from Global Giving. All who give over 50$ are eligible to become associate members of INCTR. For more information, click here .

INCTR, GHD and MERLOT Sign Agreement

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 20 Sep 2014 14:20


This week, INCTR, Global Health Dynamics (GHD) and MERLOT (Multimedia Education Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) signed an agreement to work closely together to increase the volume of high quality educational materials in the field of cancer that will be made avaible via the Open Education Resources for Cancer portal ( Information about OERC was provided in a previous NewsFlash ( All of the articles published in INCTR's annual journal, Cancer Control will be made available through MERLOT shortly after publication, so that other services offered by MERLOT, including personalisation of your own collection of articles can be taken advantage of simultaneously (see above website). MERLOT, in addition to providing free access to content relating to cancer control, offers numerous opportunities to communicate with other cancer health professionals or persons interested in cancer. Here you can find free, open, and online educational and training resources. OERC-MERLOT will be “recommending the best” and “linking to the rest” of materials that could meet your interdisciplinary needs. You may contribute to the global digital library of cancer resources so everyone worldwide can have the best and latest information. You may also develop and lead the social networks needed to bring individuals out of isolation and into a supportive community and participate in online community conversations with cancer researchers, physicians, healthcare professionals, and others working in cancer education to freely share experiences and expertise.

Essay Competition

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 07 Sep 2014 17:44

In association with INCTR, Global Health Dynamics (the publishers of the annual publication Cancer Control) has announced a new essay competition open to all INCTR Members working in a low or middle income country. The two best entries will be awarded free INCTR membership for one year and guaranteed publication in Cancer Control 2015. Non-members may become members in order to enter the competition. In either event, the winners will receive 2 years membership for the price of one. The essay must address one of the two topics below:

Dr Hemachandra Venkatesh

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 07 Sep 2014 12:33


Hemachandra Venkatesh 54, of Indianapolis, passed away on August 15, 2014. He is survived by his loving wife, Hemalatha Hemachandra; daughter, Neha; son, Kailash & daughter-in-law Shruthi and daughter, Swathi & son-in-law Siddharth. Chandra, as he was widely known, had undertaken his oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, in part in the laboratory of Dr Ian Magrath. He served as a member of INCTR USA for some years, and has for long been an INCTR member and provided financial support to its programs, particularly the Burkitt lymphoma project. After leaving the NCI, Chandra became an Oncologist/Hematologist at the Community Health Network, and was loved and respected by the community. He was the embodiment of selflessness, always putting his patients, his family, and his friends before his own needs. He was a very spiritual man, and inspired everyone around him to have strong faith in God. He was happiest when surrounded by those he loved the most, his wife and children.

In Memorium: Professor Angelo Rosolen

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 07 Sep 2014 12:13

Dr Luke Whitesell of the Whitehead Instutute, Cambridge, wrote in memory of Angelo Rosolen, Co-Director of INCTR's Ethics Committee since its inception in 2001 on 12th February 2014:


Professor Guy Blaudin De Thé - Pioneer Researcher on Virus-related Cancers

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 13 Aug 2014 11:29

Sadly, Professor Guy Blaudin de Thé passed away on 7th August 2014. Professor de Thé was one of the founders and the first


President of the Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (AMCC - INCTR's Franch Branch) en 2002. Prior to this, Professor Guy de Thé had supported the creation of INCTR in 1998. Despite his many responsibilities, Prof de Thé played an active role in the work undertaken by AMCC and was a strong supporter of its promotion of the fight against cancer, particularly in women and children in sub-Saharan Africa. At that time, he had already become well known for his work in East Africa, conducted while working at the International Agency for Research in Cancer and directed towards determining whether the Epstein-Barr virus, discovered in 1964 in a cell line derived from a tumor in an African child, was a causal agent of Burkitt's lymphoma, the disease from which the child was suffering. He also studied nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a tumour common in Southern China and also associated with EBV, and made several important observations on the immune reaction to EBV in this disease, as well as the apparent association with weaning children on salted fish. Later, while at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, he carried out important geographical studies on RNA sequence variation in another virus associated with human cancer, the Human T cell Leukemia/Lymphoma virus, which is prevalent in southern Japan and the Caribbean. For his outstanding contributions to research on the mechanism whereby viruses may cause cancer, Professor De Thé was invited to become a member of the French Academy of Medicine and Correspondent of the Academy of Sciences. In 2002 he was elected founding co-chair of the InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP), an international network of medical academies and medical sections of scientific academies that during his tenure expanded to 70 Academies. His attention to detail, not only in his scientific work, but as an administrator, ensured that the AMCC was handed over to his successor, Professor Pierre Beu, in excellent order. AMCC and the entire INCTR Consortium offer their sincere condolences to surviving family members.

Sanofi Espoir Foundation Wins Two Awards

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 17 Jul 2014 16:07

Sanofi Espoir Foundation has won two awards within weeks of each other. The CSR Trophy for social commitment was awarded for the Foundation's 9-year commitment in the fight against childhood cancer through its "My Child Matters" program [(click here for website)], and the Grand Oscar in corporate philanthropy from the ADMICAL, which recognizes outstanding, innovative and creative efforts in corporate philanthropy [(click here for website)]. Sanofi Espoir has dedicated the awards to "all our partners, wherever they may be, with whom we are working to reduce health inequalities, and also to the world’s most defenseless communities that form the core target of our programs."

Indian Branch Off To A Rapid Start

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 14 Jul 2014 14:29

Dr. Shivraj Singh, President, INCTR India was invited by CECOEDECON, on its foundation day on 9th June, 2014, along with Dr. Anjum Khan, Palliative care specialist, BM Cancer Hospital and Research Center to talk about INCTR,


India. CECOEDECON is a coalition of NGOs established in 1982 in Rajasthan, which has worked closely to improve the lives of the rural communities and to empower them to take more control of their own lives. It has a strong base in 500 villages, with 4000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 40,000 SHG members.

BL Project: Emma And Nick Return Home

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 14 Jul 2014 14:25

To see larger version of picture, click on it.
Emma: Coming to the end of my year working at St. Mary’s Lacor hospital in Uganda I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sadness at leaving and retain incredibly positive feelings towards my time here. Whilst not always easy, on many levels, there is no doubt in my mind that this time has been very valuable to me, both personally and professionally. Purely to experience a different culture and way of working has been eye-opening; my lasting impression will be of a team who work incredibly hard despite very difficult circumstances. For example, each doctor reviews around triple the number of patients I would normally see on a daily basis at home and takes on much more responsibility at a very early stage of training. Whilst there are drawbacks to this system it does mean that both I, and they, learn to develop and rely on self-motivation, determination and personally-driven learning; skills that will stay with me through the rest of my career. My time here has also emphasized the need to review systems and look for ways of improvement and I was so impressed to observe this happening on a weekly basis on the children’s ward and be invited to participate in this. Without hesitation, I would recommend this experience to all medical trainees, for the opportunity to develop hugely as a person and as a clinician whilst working alongside an incredible team. The people I have met have been inspiring, brilliant and yet completely humble, never failing to express their joy and gratitude at sharing their experience with someone interested in their work. I will remember and rely on this experience as I move forward with my career; hoping always that I find an opportunity to return."

Just Published - Cancer Control 2014

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 14 Jul 2014 14:13


The second edition of our annual publication, Cancer Control, has just been published by health care publisher, Global Health Dynamics, and covers a wide range of issues and reports on cancer care in less-resourced countries. Copies will be sent free to INCTR members and will be delivered by post over the next few weeks. A free online edition is also available at [] or via the INCTR website. Topics covered include:

Burkitt Lymphoma Project Implementation Meeting

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 30 May 2014 18:56


Immediately after the pathology meeting on haematological neoplasms, a smaller implementation meeting took place relating to the BL project entitled "Developing a total model of care for Burkitt lymphoma" referred to in the January 2014 Newsflash. In the course of this meeting, chaired by Melissa Adde, all aspects of the project were discussed and plans made for the next 3-4 month period. During this time it will be necessary to audit data collection ongoing at the Bugando Medical Center and St Mary's Hospital, Lacor, to determine whether the the participating centers have reached a sufficient level to actively participate in the next treatment protocol. In addition, educational tools will be developed to ensure that the public and the physicians and medical assistants they are likely to consult are familiar with the signs of this disease and it is promptly referred to the nearest hospital capable of treatment (very few physicians in Africa have had oncology training, and in many African countries only 3-4 hospitals in the entire country can administer therapy - often inadequate because patients may have to bear the cost. Burkitt lymphoma has a median age of 7 years. It occurs, however, at all ages, although jaw tumors - a highly characteristic feature of Burkitt lymphoma, and orbital tumors, which can easily be confused with retinoblastoma - occur at highest frequency (when combined with orbital tumors, which often occur in association with jaw tumors, almost 100%) in children aged 2-4 years. The are uncommon in adults. This tumor can be cured with chemotherapy alone, and at present, after treating more than 700 patients with Burkitt Lymphoma according to a protocol developed by INCTR's African Clinical Studies Group, over 60% are alive 5 years after treatment.

New INCTR Branch (India)

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 30 May 2014 18:44

A new INCTR Branch has been established in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the northern part of India. The fledgling branch is directed by a board of Trustees: Dr Shivraj Singh (Chairman), Mr Raj Shah, Mr Apurv Kumar, Mr Rajiv Sahai and Dr Ian Magrath which will be expanded in the coming months.. The branch is presently in the process of establishing an advisory board and developing a strategic plan. It is probable that a major focus of the branch will be the prevention of cancer and early diagnosis, but palliative care will also be included. As time goes by, and depending upon the Branches success in fund-raising, the slate of activities will be broader. The branch will have a policy of working closely with other Indian Institutions and organizations and will complement the increasing number of resources for cancer control in India. The Cancer Grid, for example, established by the Tata Hospital, will link all cancer centers in India and attempt to ensure a uniform standard of treatment across the country.

Travel Burseries Available To Attend NCRI Conference

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 16 May 2014 15:42


The NCRI Cancer Conference is the largest cancer research meeting in the UK. This year a number of travel bursaries will be made available to scientists from Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) in order to enable them to meet with their peers and broaden their knowledge as well as to meet scientists from the UK working in the same area. The bursaries have been made available by the Wellcome Trust. To be eligible for the bursaries, entrants must work in a LMIC and must traveling from the LMIC country to the Conference. They must also have submitted an abstract that has been accepted for presentation and have a fully paid registration for the Conference.

Peter Isaacson Wins INCTR Pathology Award

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 16 May 2014 15:21


Since 2013, INCTR has given an annual award to a pathologist who has made outstanding contributions to pathology. This year, Prof Peter Isaacson FRS, who discovered, with Dennis Wright, MALT (mucosal associated lymphoid tissue) lymphoma was the awardee. Prof Isaacson was born in South Africa and spent much of his professional life as a histopathologist at University College Hospital in London. He made a number of important discoveries as a result of which he was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society. Prof Isaacson described MALT lymphomas in 1984. MALT lymphomas occur particularly in the stomach, although any mucosal site may be involved. They fall within the category of marginal zone B cell lymphomas and are of particular interest because they appear to be the consequence of inflammation caused by a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori - the stomach normally lacks lymphoid tissue. When confined to the stomach, MALT lymphomas can be cured with antibiotics alone in the majority of cases. Radiation or surgery may also be curative in patients with localized disease. If tumors are no longer localized, chemotherapy may be effective, but is unlikely to be curative.

What Can We Learn From Africa 4 - Report

by Ian MagrathIan Magrath 09 May 2014 16:28

The fourth meeting entitled "What can we learn from Africa" took place, as planned, at the Arusha Palace Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania from Feb13th to 15th 2014. Although we were expecting only some 50 people to


participate, in the event, there were 73 participants, the majority from various African centers.

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