Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania

Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania (Hope for Life) was officially founded in November 2011 and is the first and only organisation in Tanzania to support the families of children with cancer. This ‘parents association', was established with support from Children in Crossfire and works in close collaboration with Dr Trish Scanlan, INCTR Regional Coordinator for Pediatric Oncology.

One of the first objectives of Tumaini La Maisha is to build a house on the grounds of the Muhimbili Hospital for the children and their families, which will alleviate the overcrowding on the ward and give families a home away from home. This house is due to open in September 2012.

Tumaini La Maisha has a range of other activities to directly support children with cancer and their families, as well as creating awareness of children’s cancer across Tanzania.

The primary focus of the organisation is:

  • To provide non-clinic support services directly to children with cancer and their families.
  • To advocate for improved access and quality of Paediatric Oncology Services across Tanzania
  • To increase awareness of cancer in Tanzania amongst communities to improve diagnosis and referral procedures.

Tumaini La Maisha launched its new and revised Education Programme and Therapeutic Play programme at the start of June. This programme will be piloted over an 8 week period and the staff will conduct surveys to measure the effectiveness of the programme – but if this photo is anything to go by I think the children are having fun!

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