V 9 No 2

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Special Issue: INCTR Palliative Care PAX Program
* INCTR's PAX Program: a 10-year Journey of Collaboration
* The Nurse's Role in Palliative Care: Meeting an Educational Need
* PAX Psychosocial Care: Updates on Social Work Education and Clinical Practice
* MNJ Palliative Care Program Makes Enormous Strides
* Palliative Care Program at MNJ: Reflections from a Visiting Canadian physician
* BPKMCH Bharatpur, Nepal/Victoris Hospice, Canada Twinning Project
* Bhaktapur Twinning Project Biulds on the Work of INCTR
* Palliative Care Program at Santa Marcelina Hospital System
* Building Capacity for Palliative Care Services in Tanzania
* PAX Collaboration with BCCA
Case Reports:
* A Case Study from Brazil
* A Selection of Case Studies from India
* INCTR Palliative Care Handbook
Partner Profile:
* B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bharatpur, Nepal
Profile in Cancer Medicine:
* Palat Directs INCTR Palliative Care India Program

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