Victoria Station fundraising for INCTR Challenge Fund

On Saturday 11th August I was joined by my husband Adrian, cousin Tara and friend Pete, at Victoria Station where we stood with buckets to raise money for the INCTR Challenge Fund.


There was a great atmosphere in London as it was a beautiful sunny day and incredibly busy with visitors from around the world travelling to see the Olympic Games. It was quite a tiring day as we stood for 6 hours, but it was a great opportunity to meet people and tell them about the work of the INCTR Challenge Fund. We were delighted to have collected in excess of £230, making it a worthwhile exercise and one which we hope to repeat in the near future at another venue.

Picture on the left: Me, Pete and Tara at Victoria Station
Picture on the right: Tara (my cousin) with Adrian (my husband) on the train on the way to Victoria

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