Visit to Africa by INCTR Pathologists

Visit to Africa by INCTR's Pathology Team - January, 2010

INCTR, with the support of the NCI Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancies, is working to establish improved pathological diagnosis in the context of its study on the treatment of HIV+ and HIV- Burkitt lymphoma in equatorial Africa. The goal is to achieve central pathology review in the context of the treatment study and to improve pathology services in participating countries.

As a part of this process, a team of four pathologists and a pediatric oncologist visited several centers in Cameroon and Nigeria at the end of January. One of the pathologists, Dr. Nina Hurwitz also visited Kenya and Tanzania to move the implementation of the iPath telepathology program forward in these two countries.
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Pathologists reviewing cases at the University of Lagos, Nigeria - January 2010 (Photo: Dr. Nina Hurwitz)

Dr Udo Bode, a Pediatric Oncologist from Germany, was part of this INCTR experts' visit. Here's a brief account of his visit to Nigeria:

" In contrast to the hard European winter the two Nigerian centers participating in the INCTR Burkitt Lymphoma study, University College Hospital of Ibadan (Prof. Aken'Ova) and Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (Prof. Durosinmi) gave us a warm and pleasant reception. Well prepared by knowledgeable medical records staff, it was easy to review the extremely thorough patient files. As in other countries the individual costs of diagnostics and transportation are the major obstacles that prevent patients from being able to follow the treatment protocol precisely. Clinical remissions and the occurrence of relapses are both reasons to abandon further therapy. In spite of the admirable efforts of our Nigerian colleagues, these obstacles are presently very difficult to overcome - although solutions may be found in the future. We sincerely thank our hosts, who made our stay memorable." - Dr. Udo Bode

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Outpatient Facility, Hematology Department, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife, Nigeria (Photo: Dr. Udo Bode)
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