Workshop on Cancer Control in the Gulf States Region

On September 20-23rd, Ian Magrath, INCTR President, attended a workshop of the Gulf States devoted to cancer control. Dr Magrath was invited to be the keynote speaker and to attend a series of panel discussions on diverse topics related to cancer control in the region. The meeting was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting was held to embrace a broad range of cancer control issues. Its purpose was to bring together key cancer experts of various kinds from the Gulf States in order to begin the planning phase with respect to organizational structure of the new Gulf Center for Cancer Control and Prevention, and approaches to enhancing communication and including a wide range of stake-holders in the cancer control programs that would be undertaken. It was emphasized that although the Gulf States are wealthy, they do not have the depth of resources, or experience that they would wish to have in order to more effectively control cancer. The panel discussions included were:

Group 1: Cancer Research in GCC States

Group 2: Capacity Building (short and long term training programs)

Group 3: Development of Cancer Management Guidelines

Group 4: Community Participation in Cancer Control Programs

The GCCCP has an interest in working closely with INCTR in the future, and the nature of any formal collaboration that is entered into will be discussed as the needs and focal points of the GCC’s cancer control program are more specifically identified.

In addition to attending the workshop, Ian Magrath met with Dr Sultan Al-Sedairy, who is the Executive Director of the Research Center KFSH&RC and INCTR’s Vice President for Development as well as with representatives of the Prince Salmon Foundation for the disabled. They toured the Foundation and discussed in detail its structure and fund-raising approaches, with particular reference to those relevant to INCTR.

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