World Health Organization’s Consultation Meeting on Relationships with NGOS

The member states of WHO deemed it important to revisit and update a policy document entitled: “The Principles Governing Relations between WHO and NGOs" that was adopted in 1987. Accordingly, INCTR, which is in official relations with WHO, along with representatives of many other NGOs, attended the consultation on October 18, 2012 held at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Read More.

Additional material to be added to article on Wiki site: At the meeting a revised policy paper, which will be presented to the Executive Board of WHO at its 132nd session in January, 2013, was discussed. The aim of this document is to identify improvements that might be made in the way in which WHO engages with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in order to maximize NGOs’ potential contribution to WHO's global health objectives.. The final report on the consultation with the NGOS is available here

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